AUSTRALIA’S top 100 pet names for 2017

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AUSTRALIA’S top 100 pet names have been revealed, based on data from Medibank Pet Insurance.

Bella and Charlie were the most popular names for 2017.

Here’s the full list below.

1. Bella

2. Charlie

3. Max

4. Molly

5. Ruby

6. Coco

7. Oscar

8. Buddy

9. Lucy

10. Toby

11. Bailey

12. Daisy

13. Jack

14. Milo

15. Millie

16. Rosie

17. Archie

18. Roxy

19. Ollie

20. Poppy

21. Lola

22. Harry

23. Lily

24. Bonnie

25. Mia

26. Jasper

27. Cooper

28. Rocky

29. Chloe

30. Missy

31. Pepper

32. Monty

33. Diesel

34. Harley

35. Frankie

36. George

37. Lilly

38. Alfie

39. Dexter

40. Hugo

41. Bear

42. Leo

43. Tilly

44. Maggie

45. Lulu

46. Sam

47. Zoe

48. Teddy

49. Rusty

50. Honey

51. Marley

52. Sasha

53. Milly

54. Simba

55. Billy

56. Ellie

57. Buster

58. Shadow

59. Henry

60. Sophie

61. Stella

62. Winston

63. Holly

64. Jessie

65. Baxter

66. Harvey

67. Luna

68. Zeus

69. Ziggy

70. Barney

71. Cookie

72. Benji

73. Willow

74. Murphy

75. Duke

76. Lucky

77. Ella

78. Penny

79. Cleo

80. Oliver

81. Angus

82. Beau

83. Nala

84. Chester

85. Louie

86. Pippa

87. Rex

88. Abby

89. Bruce

90. Gus

91. Indy

92. Bruno

93. Bentley

94. Jake

95. Jet

96. Louis

97. Misty

98. Tyson

99. Zac0

100. Gypsy

There were also some weird and wacky names on the list, with pet owners being influenced heavily by film and television.

There were 34 Jedis, 27 Galdafs, eight Pikachus, two Captain Jack Sparrows and even one HogwartzRadiantFlame.

Game of Thrones was also well represented, with 38 Khaleesis, six Joffreys, three Jon Snows, one Cercei and one Myrcella.

Some of the weirdest and wackiest pet names included:


Champagne Bubbles

Chocolate Puddin’

Dancing With Danger Viper

Dog Dog

Funky Dunky

Gremlin Princess

Grey Cat

I’m A King Bee


Miss Australia

Monkey Head

Notorious BIG

Nugget Sue

Obi Wan Handsome-Kenobi


Purrlock Holmes

Rat Bag


Rose Coloured Chifon Swirl

Rudolf Reindeer Ward

Sweat Pants


Yum Cha

You Tube

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