In Australia, dog enclosure can also be called “dog fence”, “dog pen”, “dog kennel run” or “dog playpen”. Enclosures can be used for wide variety of pets such as Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Chickens or Guineas.

Reasons to have a pet enclosure for your puppy dog:

If you have a new puppy or have adopted a new dog, the easiest way to train or housebreak him is to keep him in a confined area until it is time to either take him outside.


Enclosures provide a safe and secured play area for your puppies.


When you are away on work, enclosure will keep your puppy safe.


A containment area is necessary to keep your belongings safe from your inquisitive puppy.


Active puppies could injure themselves while jumping on or off furniture. Enclosure can prevent this from happening.


A portable/foldable enclosure is great for camping or while travelling. They can be dismantled flat and transported in the boot of your car.


If your pet is injured or has undergone a surgery, enclosure helps keep them calm for healing. They heal faster when in a small enclosure.


Outdoor enclosures can be used as a fence. They provide fresh air to your pet while preventing them going haywire on your backyard plants.


Enclosures can be used to protect them from household electrical equipment such as water heaters and air-conditioner compressors.


Indoor pet enclosures help contain older dogs that are incontinent.


If you have a litter of puppies, you will need to confine the litter until they are old enough to go to their new home. A good enclosure can be used for the female dog to go in and out of the enclosure without the puppies escaping the enclosure.


Before choosing the right enclosure consider these:

Is the wire strong enough to protect your pets from the predators / wild cats / wild animals?

Is the enclosure big enough to house your pet? Does it have adequate sleeping / playing space for your pet?

Is there an option of placing a waterproof cover over the enclosure to provide sun and rain protection?

Is the enclosure big enough to house your litter, especially when you enclose around 8-12 puppies and a mother?

Can the enclosure be made bigger by adding panels?

Is the enclosure rust resistant when placed outside?

Can the enclosure be made escape-proof?

Is the enclosure portable and can it be dismantled?


@PetJoint we say YES to all the above questions by providing the below enclosure. Click image to view.

Heavy Duty Pet Dog Cat Enclosure Playpen Pen Fence


FENCE (Dynabolts not included):

Pet Dog Fence Super HeavyDuty Enclosure Pen



Escape-Proof Pet Dog Enclosure Playpen Super Heavy Duty Pen


OR DIVIDED TO HOUSE TWO DOGS (by buying additional gate panel):

 Two Dog Kennel with Divider Pet Enclosure Heavy Duty Pen


OR MADE INTO THREE DOG KENNEL (by buying additional panels):

Three Dog Kennel Pet Puppy Heavy Duty Enclosure Pen Playpen Fence with Divider

February 05, 2020 — Ajay Katragadda